Meet the needs of your most demanding trading clients

Trading platforms

IT-Finance trading platforms can be used as a primary trading platform or reserved for premium users. They provide an excellent way to differentiate your offer from competitors, attract new users and increase average order volume.

Customisation & integration

Our trading platforms may be branded with your logo and customised. Different order types are supported and can be easily added or removed.
Trading integration with your systems is done by our teams according to your specifications, either with standard protocols (ex: FIX) or custom protocols.
End-users will be able to place orders through our platform to your systems and orders placed in your systems will be visible in real-time inside our platform.

Certified secure solution

Security is of critical importance for any trading platform. Some of the steps we take to ensure security include investments in high-end firewalls, use of ultra secure network zones, regular system updates, data encryption, secure protocols and external audits by security experts.
A copy of our latest audit report may be provided upon request.
Our trading platforms are also GPDR compliant.

Historical data management

We provide you with historical data in the charts so you do not need to manage it yourself. This service can also include generation of historical data in the charts for your proprietary instruments.

High availability service

Every year, millions of orders are executed through our trading platforms. Our extended experience and the reliability of our infrastructure have led some Europe's biggest brokerage firms and banks to rely on our services.

High quality market data

IT-Finance invests more than 1.5 million euros per year to provide you with the best and fastest data possible. We can provide market data for our trading platforms or integrate your proprietary data for instruments such as Forex or CFDs. The datafeed can be provided in real-time (push or streaming), delayed, or end-of-day.

Compare our trading platforms

ITCharts Light trading platform

Access to the most essential tools

Includes trading from charts, trend analysis, portfolios, lists, order books, top movers and alerts.

ITCharts Complete trading platform

IT-Finance's most powerful technology and tools

More charting features, heatmaps, spreads, programming, backtesting, market scanning, option pricer and automatic trading (optional). Ideal for active traders.

Web application (HTML5 / JS) -
Compatible Mobile & Tablet devices -
Desktop application (Windows / Mac / Linux) -
Standard features
Available in multiple languages
Advanced search and security database
Quote lists with customizable columns
Top movers up and down & pre-opening top movers
Order book and tick by tick list
Maximum number of simultaneous charts displayed 120
1 20
Optimized charting engine - quick chart movement and zoom
Standard Charting analysis objects 2020
20 20
Standard time periods: 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60min, Day, Week, Month
Charting views: Candlestick, Bar, Line, Mountain
Standard technical analysis indicators 32> 100
32 > 100
Comparison of multiple securities on the same chart
Advanced features
Automatic support & resistance lines
Drawn objects shared between Light & Complete platforms
Share charts on Twitter & Facebook -
Advanced & customised time periods & time frames -
Advanced charting views: Kagi, Renko, Point & Figure, Heikin-Ashi, Range bars and more -
Advanced charting analysis objects -
Alerts with multiple conditions -
ProRealMap : market heatmap -
Display spreads between two securities in candlestick form -
ProBuilder: Easy indicator creation & programming tool -
ProBacktest: Tool to create, test & optimize investment strategies -
Options pricer module with 3D charts -
Trading features
Easy order placement from charts, order book, lists and order tickets
Simple and complex order types (OCO, Trailing stop, ...)
Order list and portfolio updated in realtime
Trading detailed report and trading journal -
ProOrder : algorithmic trading (server-side) -Optional
- Optional
Market scanning features
ProScreener: real-time scan with customizable criteria -
Real-time detection of chartist analysis figures (triangle, channel, ...) -
Candlestick pattern detection -
Datafeed for regulated markets provided by IT-Finance
Ultra low latency datafeeds: tick by tick in push mode
Standard historical data provided by IT-Finance
Extended historical data -
Historical data adjusted with dividends & future rollovers
Integration of your proprietary datafeeds (Forex, CFDs)