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Market data

ITFeed is IT-Finance's fast and reliable market data service. It allows you to easily receive real-time, delayed or end-of-day market datafeed in a standardized format for use in your applications, websites and any other service that requires financial data.

Market data standardization and extended market coverage

Normalized datafeeds for worldwide markets

Our API provides you with a unique normalized feed for all the different markets you need to access. Setting up the datafeed is simple. You will not need to do additional development when you want to add a market or if the exchanges change their protocols.

Various asset classes are available including Equities, Indices, Futures, Options, Warrants and more. The data provided can be from a single source or aggregated for richer information (official exchange and MTF).

Ultra low latency datafeeds directly from exchanges

IT-Finance is directly connected to ultra low latency datafeeds. The data comes directly from the exchanges to your solution (no intermediaries).

High availability and security

All of our infrastructures are redundant and we use best-in-industry security practices. To ensure availability of the datafeed, we use multiple dedicated high speed leased lines between datacenters of the exchanges and our own datacenters.

The data is sent from the exchange along independent channels to our datacenters to avoid any loss of information. Each datafeed is parsed in a dedicated feed parser server and each server is monitored by more than 100 probes.

Flexible service options

ITFeed is available in either a broadcast mode (you receive the feed continuously) or a request-response mode to reduce bandwidth. We can send the feed to you via leased line, extranet or the internet.

Dedicated services

Market data feed accuracy and latency monitoring

We have a dedicated data and quality team available at all times whose core action is to ensure constant availability and correctness of all our market data.
A web-based tool allows you to verify the latency of the datafeed yourself. We provide a dedicated project manager and support team for all of your interactions with IT-Finance.

Quote display and charts

Combine market data with charting solutions, trading platforms, mobile solutions and quote display solutions

In addition to feeding your proprietary applicaitons, ITFeed may be used in conjunction with other services IT-Finance can provide you with such as charting solutions, trading platforms, mobile solutions and quote display solutions.