Intuitive and customisable charting solutions for financial websites or trading platforms

Charting solutions

Easy and fast implementation

Adding our charts to a website can be done very simply by calling a URL.
If you have a trading platform, the charts can be integrated so they appear to be part of your trading platform.

High quality market data

We can provide official market data for our charting solutions or integrate your proprietary data for instruments such as Forex or CFDs. The datafeed can be provided in real-time (push or streaming), delayed, or end-of-day.


All of our charting solutions may be branded with your logo and customized to fit your website or trading platform. They are perfect tools for online charting and can also be used in desktop trading applications.

Historical data management

We provide you with historical data in the charts so you do not need to manage it yourself. This service can also include generation of historical data in the charts for your proprietary instruments.

Compare our charting solutions

ITCharts Static
Chart example for ITCharts Static

Static chart

Static chart for instant display. Ideal for corporate homepages and investor relations websites.

ITCharts Dynamic
Chart example for ITCharts Dynamic

Interactive chart

Interactive chart with optimized low bandwidth usage and fast display. Ideal for banking websites, corporate homepages and investor relations websites.

ITCharts Full Dynamic
Chart example for ITCharts Full Dynamic

Interactive chart with analysis tools

Interactive chart with a wide range of indicators and drawing tools to satisfy all types of investors. Ideal for banking and financial websites and brokers wishing to improve their web trading platform.

PNG image ✔--
✔ --
HTML5 / JS -✔✔
- ✔✔
Compatible Windows / Mac / Linux ✔✔✔
✔ ✔✔
Compatible Mobile & Tablet devices ✔✔✔
✔ ✔✔
Standard features
Personalization with your look & feel ✔✔✔
✔ ✔✔
Available in multiple languages ✔✔✔
✔ ✔✔
Optimized charting engine - quick chart movement and zoom -✔✔
- ✔✔
Resizable charts with full screen mode -✔✔
- ✔✔
Standard time periods: 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60min, Day, Week, Month ✔✔✔
✔ ✔✔
Charting views: Candlestick, Bar, Line, Mountain ✔✔✔
✔ ✔✔
Technical analysis indicators 22732
2 2732
Standard analysis objects: trend lines, figures, texts, fibonacci --20
- -20
Advanced features
Automatic support & resistance lines -✔✔
- ✔✔
Advanced Time periods: Tick, Second, (x)minutes, (x)hours, (x) days --✔
- -✔
Comparison of multiple securities on the same chart --✔
- -✔
Logarithmic and Relative % chart scales --✔
- -✔
Advanced analysis objects : Andrew’s pitchfork, Gann fan & square --✔
- -✔
Datafeed for regulated markets provided by IT-Finance ✔✔✔
✔ ✔✔
Low latency datafeeds: tick by tick in push mode -✔✔
- ✔✔
Historical data provided by IT-Finance ✔✔✔
✔ ✔✔
Integration of your proprietary datafeeds (Forex, CFDs) ✔✔✔
✔ ✔✔