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IT-Finance provides services for many types of companies that can be quickly and easily deployed in multiple languages.
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Brokerages: Differentiate your services by offering your clients clients the best tools for trading

Trading platforms for brokeragesTrading platforms: The complete ITCharts Front-End workstation will let you access a wider user base and increase the number of orders placed by your users. It is the best we offer in terms of trading technology including trading from charts, portfolio management, alerts, order books, social trading, scanners, strategies backtesting and automatic execution. Innovations are added on a regular basis.

Market data feeds for brokeragesUltra low latency datafeeds: We provide a standardized market data service to feed your existing trading platforms and charting tools or to feed other types of solutions we can provide you with. We can also integrate your proprietary datafeeds. IT-Finance has an expertise in market data management which can eliminate the need for you to manage historical data. This greatly simplifies IT and support tasks for our brokerages.

Charting solutions for brokeragesCharting solutions: Our charting solutions can be integrated into existing trading platforms or displayed on your website. We can provide extended historical data and dedicated maintenance for charting services we provide.

Mobile charts for brokeragesMobile solutions: Our mobile charts make a great addition to any mobile trading platform. We can also provide a standalone mobile platform including lists, top movers & charts. All of our mobile applications are compatible across devices including Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets.

Secure solutions for brokeragesCertified secure services: Because we know that security is important to our clients, IT-Finance uses ultra secure systems monitored constantly by our engineers. Some of the steps we take to ensure security include investments in high-end firewalls, use of ultra secure network zones, daily system updates, data encryption, secure protocols and external audits by security experts. A copy of our latest audit report may be provided upon request.

Other services IT-Finance provides for brokerages:
  • Design of custom software & web solutions
  • Management of financial databases and historical data
  • Order routing management
  • Build and maintain a CRM
  • Permission end users to receive different types of data
  • Hosting and network administartion